Full-Service Lawn Maintenance & Custom Landscaping

We look forward to providing excellent lawn maintenance and custom landscaping for you! We currently serve customers who live in Navarre or Gulf Breeze, FL.


How We Take Care of Your Lawn

Mow grass with dedicated bagging and the finest bagging mowers available (Toro & Walker GHS 42" & 48")

Edge of all border areas and cement edges with Echo stick edgers

Weed-eat with Echo string trimmers

Blow off of all curbs, drives, pool areas, walks and decks with Echo backpack blowers

Weed control in driveway, sidewalk and curb cracks as well as bed areas using Roundup Pro

Our Maintenance Schedule

The standard annual schedule is our preferred schedule and offers the best rates for our year-round customers who require full-service and want the most hassle-free service available. Maintenance is calculated at $50 per man hour for all services. A man hour is an industrial unit of production equal to the work one person can produce in an hour.

January 1 to February 28
Every 3 weeks


April 1 to October 31

November 1 to December 31

Additional Services Offered

Trimming Shrubs
We will trim shrubs and clean up as well as dispose of all clippings produced.

Mulching Beds
We offer cypress mulch, red mulch and pine straw.

Light Tree Trimming and Pruning
We can trim or prune anything under 12' as defined in our insurance policy.

Haul Away Debris & Dump Trailer Rentals
We will haul away just about anything you have! We also rent our Dump Trailers for customers who want to clean up, remodel, or just have a DIY project you need it for. Note: The closest commercial debris collection facility is in Milton, Florida, so our fees will include crossing the toll bridge twice to haul away debris.

Hurricane Cleanup
Our established customers will get priority on the cleanup list in order of request called in or pre-approved by request. Sorry, new customers will not be accepted. Estimates will not be given for hurricane cleanup. All work will be billed by the man hour and completed as quickly as possible We do not view hurricane cleanup as a means to make money. It impedes our core business of lawn and landscape Maintenance and we try to get all cleanup finished as quickly as possible in order to allow you to have some normalcy.